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They are HERE!!!! Try-outs for the 2025 Season

Here is our 2025 season/try-out information


Play with Heart! 




- We try-out at Iowa Heart every year.

- We may not hold fall try-outs.

- Sadly, we cannot place all players. These are try-outs, not sign-ups. 

- Team assignments from last season do not matter and being on a team last year does not guarantee playing on a team this year. 

- Individual player evaluations will not be given following try-outs.

- If you receive a bid that you are unable to accept, but could play on a lower team for any reason, no explanation required. Please reach out to us to see if a lower bid is available.

- Players that have accepted bids will be contacted by phone if a higher bid opens that they would be the next player in line to fill.




Iowa Heart is the oldest Volleyball Club in Iowa!